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Publications & Alumni Communication

All about identity

How Mizzou communicates through text and visually connects with audiences is the business of the Department of Publications and Alumni Communication. We set the style that represents a university known internationally for exceptional writing and photojournalism programs. MU follows the communication standards it teaches.

We direct the use of Mizzou’s official black-and-gold color palette, its logos and iconic images that reflect the university’s recognizable identity. Among the many publications we produce are MIZZOU, the alumni magazine; Mizzou Weekly for faculty and staff; publications in support of fundraising and student recruitment; and the University of Missouri visitor guide.

Our office provides editorial, photography and design services at no charge for projects that fall within the following priorities: student recruitment, alumni communication, fundraising, campuswide special events and internal communication. Services are provided on a time-available basis.

Our staff

  • Karen Worley

    Executive Director of Publications and Alumni Communication, MIZZOU Magazine Editor


  • Kelsey Allen

    MIZZOU Magazine Community Manager and General Assignment Reporter, Writer, Editor


  • Blake Dinsdale

    Art Director/Graphic Designer (MIZZOU Magazine, Illumination)


  • Rebecca Fels

    Art Director/Graphic Designer Mizzou Weekly)


  • Allison VanSciver

    Art Director/Graphic Designer (Student Recruitment), Designer


  • Marcus Wilkins

    MIZZOU Magazine Class Notes Editor, Student Recruitment Editor